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नारायण गोपाल

मोहनी लाग्ला है गाउँलेको बोलीले, डाँडाकाँडा छहराको गीतले,
स्वर- नारायण गोपाल, रचना - तुलसी घिमिरे , कुसुम गजमेर, संगीत -रञ्‍जित गजमेर
Narayan Gopal Guruwacharya was born into a Newar family in Kilagal Tole, Kathmandu, on October 4, 1939 (18 Asoj, 1996 B.S.). His father was Asha Gopal Gurubacharya and mother was Ram Devi Guruwacharya. He had six brothers and four sisters. He completed his School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exams in 2016 B.S. and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities from Tri-Chandra College. Later he also went to Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda to study classical Indian music, but returned without completing his studies. He married Pemala Lama in 1971.

Later he joined the Rastriya Naach Ghar (National Dance Theater) and rose to the post of manager (hakim). He also worked as the editor of a musical journal Bageena (बागीना) for its first three issues. He became the managing director of Sanskritik Sansthan (Cultural Center) and became adviser to the Ministry of Communication on wards; and an associate professor in Lalit Kala Campus. He also wrote a musical drama titled Kanchi Masyang (कान्छी मस्याङ).
Narayan Gopal Guruwacharya(Nepali: नारायण गोपाल गुरूवाचार्य) was a prominent popular singer and composer of Nepali music. He has been referred to as "Swar Samrat" (Nepali: स्वर सम्राट, meaning: Emperor of Voice) in Nepali music. He was also known as "Tragedy King." His voice range allowed him to sing songs of every genre of Nepalese music. Often, his songs were orchestrated with the sitar, harmonium and flute. He belongs to the first generation of Nepali singers who became professional singers. His songs have also been used in several movies and dramas across the country.

Awards and recognitions-----
Narayan Gopal was awarded several national honours which include (all dates in Bikram Sambat):

Best Composition (Radio Nepal) - 2023 B.S.
Best Singer (Radio Nepal) - 2024 B.S.
Ratna Record Award - 2039 B.S.
Gorkha Dakshin Bahu, Fourth - 2033 B.S.
Indra Rajya Laxmi Award - 2040 B.S.
Chhinalata Award - 2044 B.S.
Jagadamba Shree - 2045 B.S.
Urbashi Rang Award - 2047 B.S.
Trishakti Patta, Third - 2048 B.S. (posthumously)
Narayan gopal singing award-1969