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Monday, October 21, 2013

Cutest & Lovely Adina with her Daddy & Mom in song Dekhda Timi Lai Yasto Lagchh

Cute Baby Adina with Her Daddy

Adina is just born in the Hospital

Cute Adina Playing with Laptop

Cute Adina clapping her hand with smile

Adina on the bed

About Adina

She is 4 years old. Her full name is Adina Singh.
She is born on 10th kartik 2069 B.S. She reads in Nursery Class in Awareness Internation Academy (AIA), Shankhmool, Kathmandu, Nepal. She likes to play not same toys. She likes to play different toys daily. She likes to dance both on classical music and disco music. She likes to view the different pictures on picture book. She likes to watch child movies and.songs on mobile and Laptop computer. Her future aim is to be a doctor. She loves her dad much more. She is born with her dad face. 

She has keen interest in creating poem and other literary materials. She likes to read rhythms. She always requests her daddy to tell her a new story daily.She is much more interested in listening to the music. She likes to play her the keyboard and the guitar of her daddy. She is a student of nursery class. She loves her teachers in her school. In return, her teachers also like her much.